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Adding Volume Discount Line Items

Volume discount line items include information about quantity range and price adjustment for each quantity range for a volume discount. You must add a volume discount for each discount rate in the volume discount. For example, if you want to apply a 10 percent discount when the quantity is 5 to 10, and a 20 percent discount when the quantity is 11 or more, then you must add two volume discount line items. For more detailed information, see Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Setting Up Volume Discounts.

To add volume discount line items

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Volume Discounts list.
  2. In the My Volume Discounts list, query for and select the required volume discount.
  3. Click the Volume Discounts Line Items view tab.
  4. In the Volume Discounts Line Items view tab, create a new record, complete the fields, and save the record.

    Some of the fields are described in the following table.



    Enter a name for the volume discount line item.

    Min Qty

    Enter the minimum quantity that must be purchased to take advantage of this rate.

    Max Qty

    Enter the maximum quantity that gets this rate.

    Adjustment Type

    Select the type of adjustment that will apply.

    Adjustment Amount

    Enter the value of the adjustment. How this works will depend on the option chosen in the Adjustment Type field.

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