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Defining an Account Matrix Discount

Your company may wish to award discounts to valued accounts that bring a large amount of business to the company. This may act as an incentive for the account to continue using your company for its hospitality events.

This task is a step in Setting Up a Matrix Series.

To define an account matrix discount

  1. Navigate to the Property Pricing Admin screen > Properties list.
  2. In the Properties list, select the required property and click the link in the Property Name field.
  3. Click the Matrix Series view tab.
  4. In the Matrix Series list, create a new record, as described in Creating a Matrix Series.
  5. Scroll down and click the Account Matrix view tab.
  6. Create a number of new records as required, complete the fields, and save each record.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    Enter a name for the account matrix.

    Account Name

    Select the account to which this matrix will apply.

    Parent Account

    Select the parent account of the Account to which this discount will apply.


    Select the product to which this matrix will apply. Only products that are contained in the Product Line for the Matrix Series will be available for selection here if a Product Line is used for the series.


    Select the day of the week on which this matrix will apply.

    Adjustment Type

    Enter the type of adjustment. Select from one of the following:

    • Discount Amount. Indicates that a set amount is to be discounted from the product price.
    • % Discount. Indicates that a set percentage is to be discounted from the product price.
    • Markup Amount. Indicates that the product price is to be increased by a set amount.
    • % Markup. Indicates that the product price is to be increased by a set percentage.
    • Price Override. Indicates that the price of the product is to be overridden to the amount specified in the Adjustment Amount field.
    • Tier Based. Applies the discount percentage defined by each Volume Discount Line Item record to the quantity of items defined in that Volume Discount Line Item record.
    • Multiplicative Amount. Multiplies the target price by the specified adjustment value.
    • Power (Target Price, Power). Raises the target price to the specified exponential value. For example, if the target price is 4, and the adjustment value is 2, the new price will be 16 (4X4).
    • Round (Current, Decimal Places). Sets the number of decimal places to which the price will be rounded.

    Adjustment Amount

    The amount of the adjustment that is specified by type.

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