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Adding Catalog Visibility to Products

When simple and complex products have been created, administrators must add catalog visibility to these products. Catalogs are different from Revenue Categories in that they allow you to group similar products together. These groups of products may then be assigned to groups of people to control which users may access the products. By adding catalog visibility to products, you allow them to be accessed by different groups of people in your company.

You may further subdivide catalogs into product categories. For example, when you are creating a menu catalog, you might want to create different categories for starters and main courses.

When creating catalogs, you can also provide effective start and end dates for the categories associated with the catalog. This is important when you are offering seasonal products at functions. For example, you may have different menu options in winter than those available during the summer.

To give a product catalog visibility, you must do the following:

For more information about access groups and visibility, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Products and Assets.

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