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Product Administration in Hospitality

Using the Product Administration screen, administrators can define hospitality product details for use by event managers. Administrators can set up two types of products as follows:

  • Complex products. Complex products are products that may be broken up into subproducts. For example, menus and packages are set up as complex products. Equipment bundles are also set up as complex products. You can enter an audiovisual projector as the product and include subproducts such as extension cord, lens cap, and so on.
  • Simple products. Simple products are products that cannot be further broken up into smaller subproducts—for example, individual menu items such as seafood chowder or grilled scallop.

Additionally, using the Property Administration screen, administrators can follow a simplified process to create menus and packages that are automatically associated with specific properties. For more information about defining property-specific menus and packages, see Setting Up Property-Specific Menus and Packages.

Product detail definition includes revenue types for reporting purposes and charge codes for tax, charge, and fee calculations.

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