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Defining the Property's Neighborhood Characteristics

By defining the property neighborhood, the administrator can give sales representatives a snapshot of the surrounding location to any given property. This description may help sales representatives when they are developing opportunities with customers.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Properties.

To define a property's neighborhood characteristics

  1. Navigate to the Property Administration screen > Properties list view.
  2. In the Properties list, query for the required property record.
  3. Click the link in the Property Name field.
  4. Click the Neighborhood view tab, and in each of the four list applets on the tab, add the appropriate new records.

    The following table describes the four list applets that appear in the Neighborhood view tab for the property.

    List Applet


    A list of the property's competitors. This is a list of other properties with which your property may be in competition. You can select any property defined in the system.

    Key Local Companies

    A list of important companies in the area.

    Area Restaurants

    Restaurants in close proximity to the property.

    Other Attractions

    Any other attractions that may be of interest to the customer.

    NOTE:  For information about adding these types of companies to the system, see Setting Up Guest Conveniences.

  5. In each of the list applets, add the appropriate records.
  6. Select a record from the picklist to associate with the property, and click OK, or create a new record.
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