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About Quote and Order Pricing

Property pricing administrators are responsible for setting prices at each property for products and services that are sold to large groups requiring sleeping rooms, function space and catering products. Prices quoted to customers vary by property, product type, customer, date, day of week, day part, and other factors. A sales representative can apply these prices to sleeping rooms, function space, and other ancillary products (for example food, beverages, and audiovisual services) that are sold during an event. Siebel Hospitality employs a rules-based pricing system that applies prices to a quote based on pricing data that exists in the system. After system-based recommendations appear in the quote, further negotiations with the customer result in a finalized quote (with price overrides). This finalized quote is then converted into an order.

Pricing management involves three primary pricing processes:

  1. Pricing data management and pricing administration. For more information, see Setting Up Pricing and Property Pricing.
  2. Quote and Order Pricing. This chapter cover the basics of quote and order pricing.
  3. Revenue management and profitability analysis. For more information, see Revenue Management.
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