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Compiling What-If Aggregate Quotes

What-If aggregate quotes allow you to create an aggregate quote for one particular property. This method is typically used when a number of different properties are competing for the same opportunity, and a sales representative or sales manager for the property wants to see if the value of the opportunity for their property was involved. This information may then be used in competitive bidding to show a customer that a certain property may be less expensive than another one. You can compile what-if aggregate quotes for as many properties as you want.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Recurring Events.

To compile a what-if aggregate quote for a recurring event

  1. Generate quotes for the subopportunities of the recurring event as described in Generating Subopportunity Quotes.
  2. Click the Aggregate Quotes view tab, and then click the Aggregate Quote (What If) link.
  3. Click the Aggregate Quote button.

    If a number of different properties are associated with the recurring event's subopportunities, then a dialog box appears, instructing you to select a property.

  4. Select the required property for the what-if aggregate quote, and click OK.

    The what-if aggregate quote is compiled and appears in the list, as do the related quotes for the property.

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