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Changing the Projected Property

In the Aggregate Quotes > All Quotes view, the sales representative can change the projected property for a subopportunity quote. This may be useful if the customer wants to change one of the events to a different property.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Recurring Events.

To change the projected property for a subopportunity quote

  1. Navigate to the Aggregate Quotes screen > Aggregate Quotes list view.
  2. In the Aggregate Quotes list, query for and select the required aggregate quote.
  3. Click the link in the Name field, and then click the All Quotes view tab.
  4. In the All Quotes list, select the required quote.
  5. In the Aggregate Quote form menu, choose Change Projected property.

    The Change Property dialog box is displayed with a list of all properties that are related to this Aggregate quote.

  6. In the Change Projected Property dialog box, select the property that you want to associate with the quote, and click Select.

    The quote is now associated with the new property.

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