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Setting an Event Quote Status to Definite

When the signed agreement is received from the customer, the sales representative sets the quote status to Definite.

NOTE:  Before setting the quote status to Definite, the user should verify that the quote does not have unreserved function spaces or room blocks. Functions or room blocks that do not have a status of Cancel or Lost/Turndown should have an inventory status of Reserved, Optioned or Overbook.

When the quote status is set to Definite, the status of other quotes associated with the opportunity are automatically updated to Lost/Turndown, and the following inventory is released:

  • Function space
  • Sleeping room
  • Suite
  • Asset

NOTE:  If an event manager changes a nonparticipating property to Lost/Turndown after a quote has been made Definite, the inventory associated with the nonparticipating property is not released. A sales representative must manually release this inventory by changing the status of each line item to Unreserved.

This task is a step in Process of Finalizing a Quote and Managing Turnover.

To set the quote status to Definite

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen.
  2. In the Quote form, query for the quote.
  3. In the Quote form, change the value in the Status field to Definite and save the record.

NOTE:  The system automatically generates a backup of the quote when the quote status is set to Definite. The status of the backup quote is set to Backup. When a user queries for a quote, two quotes appear, one with a status of Definite, and a second with the status of Backup. The backup quote is a read-only snapshot of the definite quote, and therefore cannot be modified.

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