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Configuring the Application Startup Timeout Variable

Complete the following procedure to configure the application startup timeout variable, APPCFG_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT. This variable sets the timeout value in seconds before a request to start the Sales or AMP application times out. By default, APPCFG_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT is set to 60.

To configure the application launch timeout variable

  1. Start Oracle JDeveloper.
  2. Open in the appropriate directory as shown, for example, in the following table.
    Product File Location

    Siebel CRM


  3. Go to the APPCFG_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT variable and set it, for example, as follows:


    In this example, application startup requests will timeout after 20 seconds. If you set APPCFG_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT to a value less than 1, then all application startup requests will automatically timeout after 60 seconds.

  4. Save the file.
  5. Rebuild the Sync, Sales, and Asset Message Planner applications.
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