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Defining Vendors

Use the following procedure to set up profiles for the third-party vendors that receive the distribution list of contacts. If your marketing department is the list recipient, set up a vendor profile using the marketing department contact as the vendor.

To define vendors and assign list distribution methods

  1. Navigate to Administration - Marketing screen > Vendors.
  2. In the Vendors list, create a new record.
  3. Complete the fields for the vendor definition, using the following table as a guide, and save the record.

    NOTE:  If one vendor can handle multiple list formats, such as a direct mail format and a telWeb Marketing format, create separate vendor profiles for each type. For example, the profiles may be named: Ace Fulfillment: Direct Mail, and Ace Fulfillment: TelWeb Marketing.


    Contact Name

    Select the contact name, if it exists. If the contact does not appear in the list, add the relevant information using the All Contacts list.

    By default, the server looks for the email address in the EMAIL_ADDR column of the S_CONTACT table. If you store the email address in a different column, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide to configure the Recipient Email Address field.

    Distribution Method

    Choose the method that describes how the distribution list is sent to the vendor.

    Distribution Profile

    Choose from the list of predefined distribution profiles. Distribution Profiles are defined using the Administration - Communications > Communications Drivers and Profiles view.

    Email Address

    The email address for the vendor is populated if it was defined for the selected vendor contact. You cannot add the email address in this view.

    If you plan to send a generated list to the vendor using email, you must add the email address for the contact in the All Contacts or My Contacts view.

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