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Setting Up the HTML Editor for Automatic Uploads of Graphics

The HTML editor can be set up so that it automatically upload graphics to the Web server when a new graphic is added to an HTML document by the user. To enable this process, you must set up an FTP account on the host server where the Siebel Web Extension that connects to the host of the public Web server directories is running. This is where graphics are posted for access outside the corporate firewall.

To set up automatic uploads of graphics

  1. Install and configure an FTP server on the same machine where the Siebel Web Extension is installed.
  2. Set the FTP site home directory to [SWEAppInstall dir]\PUBLIC\enu\images.

    For more information about setting up FTP on Microsoft Windows 2003 see

  3. Modify the Ektron's config.xml file located in [SWEAppInstall dir]\PUBLIC\enu\webeditor\v4.
    1. Open the xml file and locate the transport section.
    2. Change the domain and webroot.

      For example:


      <webroot src="" />

      NOTE:  For more information, see Ektron's documentation for ancillary software (developerguide.pdf).

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