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Setting Up a Default Campaign and Default Offer

Assigning a default campaign and offer is part of the Web Marketing setup process. An offer associated with the default campaign can be designated as the default offer.

You specify the default campaign and default offer in the Application Administration screen in the System Preferences view. To assign a default campaign, complete the Default Campaign Source Code field. To assign the default offer, complete the Default Offer Code field.

The default campaign and default offer determine which offers are presented to the customer during their Web Marketing session. These offers appear in addition to any targeted offers such as an embedded link in an email offer.

CAUTION:  The default campaign must be a campaign not a campaign plan. If you associate the default campaign with the campaign plan, the response records from your campaign are not associated correctly.

For more information about default offers and default campaigns, see the Featured Offers topic in Siebel Marketing User Guide.

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