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Installation Guidelines for the Marketing Module

To install the segmentation and list generation (Marketing module), you install Siebel Analytics version 7.7.1 or later. In this guide, the term Marketing module refers to the module within the Siebel Analytics Web Server that supports segmentation and list generation.

See the Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb for this release to confirm that your Siebel Marketing version and Marketing Server version (Analytics Web Server) is supported. For more information, contact Technical Support.

NOTE:  The Siebel Analytics platform has been renamed to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (BI EE). For versions higher than Siebel Analytics version 7.8.x, information is posted using a new version numbering system, for example, as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition v10.1.3.x or higher.

During the installation, make sure that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Install Siebel Analytics, version 7.7.1 or later. This installation includes Analytics Server, Analytics Web Server, and the Marketing module. For installation instructions, see Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • Use a set of Analytics license keys that allow access to the Marketing module capabilities. These license keys provide access to the following features in the Analytics Web Server:
    • Segment Designer
    • Segment Tree Designer
    • List Format Designer
  • To reduce the size of the installation disk space, you can choose the Custom install option and clear the check boxes for any of the optional components in the following list that you do not need for your installation:
    • Analytics Server (Required)
    • Siebel Analytics Administration Tool (Required)
      • Siebel Analytics Job Manager (Required)
      • Siebel Analytics Application Repository (Required)
    • Siebel Analytics Clustering Manager (Optional)
    • Siebel Analytics Scheduler (Optional for Marketing)
    • Siebel Analytics Client (Optional)
    • Siebel Analytics ODBC Driver (Required)
    • Siebel Analytics Web (Required)
    • Siebel Analytics Catalog Manager (Required)
    • Data Warehouse (Optional)
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