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Isolating Marketing Workflow Processes

Marketing workflow processes can be resource intensive during peak usage or large jobs. You may need to isolate marketing-related workflows from other workflow requests in the Enterprise by directing marketing requests to a specific instance of the Workflow Process Manager. If you need to do this for marketing workflow processes, you must replicate the Workflow Process Manager component and change the enterprise parameter so that it points to the new component.

To create a new Marketing workflow process manager component

  1. Navigate to Administration - Server Configuration screen > Enterprises > Component Definitions view.
  2. In the Component Definitions list, query for the Workflow Process Manager component.
  3. From the list menu, choose Copy Record.
  4. For the copied component, enter a new component name such as Workflow Process Manager - Mktg in the Name field.
  5. Enter a new alias such as WfProcMgrMktg in the Alias field.
  6. Change the Enable State field to Enable.
  7. In the Enterprises screen, select the Parameters view.
  8. In the Enterprise Parameters list, query for the parameter named Marketing Workflow Process Manager.
  9. In the Value field, change the value to the alias name of the new component that you just created.

    For example if the component name is Workflow Process Manager - Mktg and the alias name is WfProcMgrMktg, then the enterprise parameter name is WfProcMgrMktg.

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