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Options for Marketing List Formats

The Options view tab controls the file type and file formatting for any lists generated using the list format.

  • Purpose. The intended use of the List Format. The type you choose determines in which folder the list format is saved and where in the Siebel Marketing application the list format is visible. For more information, see About Designing Marketing List Formats.
  • Delimited/Fixed Width. Indicates whether the columns in the file contents are delimited using a character or use fixed width.
  • End of Field Delimiter. Indicates the character used to delimit the columns in the file.

    To use a special character other than commas, semicolons, spaces, or tabs, select Other and enter another character in the field to the right of the selection.

  • Text Qualifier. This option wraps the values in each column with a pair of characters. You have the option to use double quotes ("") or single quotes ('').
  • File Name. The default name includes components for format name, job ID, time stamp, and file counter. You can edit the default name by removing any of these components, and adding in constants (such as your company name). To add more components, click Available System Data.
  • Max # Records. This option limits the number of rows that can be written to a single file. When the maximum number of records is reached, List Designer starts a new file. The List Designer generate additional files until all records are exported.
  • Include Column Headers. When you select this check box, the column labels are included as the first row in the file.
  • Order by all Non-measure columns left to right when no column is ordered explicitly. Check this to order (sort) the list as indicated in the prompt.

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