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Process of Loading Customers in Campaigns

When you load a campaign, the campaign members are added to the campaign history by loading segments and lists (as well as any names added manually using the user interface). For more information about segments, see Marketing Segments and Segment Trees.

The following types of lists are used by Siebel Marketing and Siebel Campaigns:

  • External lists. You can import purchased or rented lists into your application using List Management. When you use List Management with Siebel Data Quality you can scrub lists for duplicates during the import process. For more information, see Process of Importing and Managing External Lists.
  • Internal lists. You can also use List Management to maintain lists created from records that already exist in your contacts or prospects databases. For more information, see Process of Creating and Managing Internal Lists and Subscription Lists.
  • D&B lists. D&B lists are generated from D&B libraries of companies based on criteria you define. The D&B module provides a library of incorporated businesses that you can market to. Using the D&B screen you can create a list of D&B contacts to use in your campaign. For more information, see the chapter about D&B in Siebel Applications Administration Guide.
  • Reviewing and Adding Campaign Elements in Campaign Explorer. For more information on integrating List Management with D&B, see Integrating List Management with D&B.

NOTE:  When a campaign has both segments and lists, the segments load before the lists.

To load customers in a campaign, you perform the following tasks:

  1. Associating Lists of Prospects or Contacts with Campaigns
  2. Adding Contacts and Prospects to Campaigns Individually
  3. Viewing Campaign Contacts and Prospects
  4. Loading Campaigns
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