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About the Program Execution Workflow

Multistage programs can be launched manually or automatically scheduled using the calendar. When you use the calendar, it can trigger key events such as loading a campaign (list generation) and launching a campaign (sending lists to vendors and sending offers to targeted contacts). The Program Schedule drives the process, with activities triggering the execution of each program. Each of these key events can be executed manually, using the Program Flow menu or the Program Explorer menus.

The Stage Execution workflow process shows how executing a program, loading a campaign, and launching a campaign occur in a multistage process.

When a stage or campaign is scheduled, the application applies a predefined allocation matrix for each campaign that links segments to each treatment. Campaigns are loaded and launched, and if the stage is scheduled to repeat, the next occurrence of the stage is scheduled. Each stage of a program is a unique event, and Siebel Marketing tracks campaign and response history at the unique campaign wave and treatment level (for each run). For more information about workflow processes and the Siebel Business Process Designer, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide and Siebel Business Process Framework: Task UI Guide.

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