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NewRecord Method

NewRecord adds a new record (row) to the business component.





Predefined constant indicating where the new row is added. This value should be one of the following:

  • NewBefore
  • NewAfter
  • NewBeforeCopy
  • NewAfterCopy

With Java Data Bean the values are:

  • FALSE (equivalent to NewBefore)
  • TRUE (equivalent to NewAfter)

Not applicable


This new row becomes the current row, either before or after the previously current record, depending on the value you selected for WhereIndicator.

You can use NewRecord to copy a record. To place the copy before the original record use the following command.

Object.NewRecord NewBeforeCopy

To place the copy after the original record, use the following command.

Object.NewRecord NewAfterCopy

In certain cases, using the NewRecord method in a server script results in slow performance for this method. There is no error message shown and the new record is created, but the response time is not optimal. This is due to the expected behavior of the application when creating new records.

Before an application inserts a new record into the database, it must obtain the cursor for the record set to position the new record in the record set. This requires the record set to be populated before creating the new record. In the context of a script, a query must be run on the business component before the NewRecord method is called. If the query is not explicitly run in the script, the application will force a query to run to bring back the cursor. The application will normally run a full table query, which results in the performance issue.

For more information on performance issues with the NewRecord method, see Doc ID 477556.1 on OracleMetaLink 3.

Used With

COM Data Control, COM Data Server, Java Data Bean, Mobile Web Client Automation Server, Server Script


The following example is in Siebel VB:

Dim oBusObj as BusObject
Dim oBC as BusComp

Set oBusObj = TheApplication.ActiveBusObject
Set oBC = oBusObj.GetBusComp("Action")
oBC.NewRecord NewAfter
oBC.SetFieldValue "Type", "To Do"
oBC.SetFieldValue "Description", "Find Decision Makers"

set oBC = Nothing
set oBusObj = Nothing

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