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ParentBusComp Method

ParentBusComp returns the parent (master) business component when given the child (detail) business component of a Link.




Not applicable



The parent business component of the Link


ParentBusComp allows you to write code in the child business component that accesses field values and performs actions on the parent business component using the normal business component mechanisms.

CAUTION:  If a value from a business component that is a parent of the current business component is desired, the Link Specification property for that field must be set to TRUE in Siebel Tools. Otherwise, the child business component cannot access the value in the parent business component. For more information on the Link Specification property, see Siebel Object Types Reference.

Used With

COM Data Control, COM Data Server, Java Data Bean, Mobile Web Client Automation Server, Server Script


The following example is in Siebel VB. For another example, read ExecuteQuery Method.

Dim strParentName as String
strParentName = Me.ParentBusComp.GetFieldValue("Name")

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