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SWEAlert Method

SWEAlert displays a modal dialog box containing a message to the user.




Undefined (similar to returning nothing)


Use SWEAlert() instead of alert(). With alert(), pop-up applets such as MVG and pick applets are hidden (sent to the background) when a JavaScript alert() is raised by a Browser-side event. With SWEAlert(), the dialog's parent applet is not sent to the background.

Used With

Browser Script


The following browser script example displays a status message to the user.

function BusComp_PreSetFieldValue (fieldName, value) {

   if (fieldName == "Account Status") {
      var cVolume = this.GetFieldValue("Current Volume");
      if ((value == "Inactive") && (cVolume > 0)) {
         theApplication().SWEAlert("Unable to inactivate an account that has a
         current volume greater than 0");

         return ("CancelOperation");
         return ("ContinueOperation");
      return ("ContinueOperation");

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