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Entity Attribute (H)

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Contains information on the properties of an attribute in the entity.

Valid Values/Examples

Business Component Field

Contains a pick list of the available properties on the business component that is mapped to the entity.

For example, if the Account BC is mapped to an entity, the Business Component Field pick list contains Account Competitors, Account Conditions, Account Markets, and so on.

Data Example

Free form text example of a needed attribute.


Format String

The attribute string's format.

For example, if the data is a telephone number you enter "(XXX)XXX-XXXX".


The attribute's maximum length.



The Entity Attribute's name.


Pick List Domain

The set of legal values of an attribute that is defined from a pick list.


Pick List Required

Check box indicating attribute is a bounded list.


User Key Flag

Indicates if this attribute is a user key or not.


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