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Creates an entry that can be added to the Find dialog box for applications.

Valid Values/Examples

Applet (R)

The applet to be used by the find. This applet must be included in the view specified for every Find View object definition for the Find object.


Destination Field (R)

The destination field in the business component (of the applet) that is used to drill down into a particular record.

If nothing is specified, the row ID field is used.


Display Name (O)

A display name for the Find object.


Drilldown View (O)

The view that appears when the user drills down. If the drilldown is not specified, the Find View is used.


Name (R)

The name of the Find object definition. This is referenced when setting up application find object definitions that use this Find object definition.


Preview (O)

The view that appears (pops up in a separate browser window) when a user invokes the Preview button in the Search Center. The Preview view is usually configured to be a read-only view.

Example: For the Find Object Accounts, the Preview attribute is the Accounts Preview View.

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