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Structures an inbound or outbound message string into a format that is recognizable to both the Siebel application and an external application. The integration component is an intermediate structure that helps resolve differences between external application data formats and Siebel data formats.

Valid Values/Examples

Adapter Info (S)

Used by Oracle for synchronization by Integration Object Wizard.


Business Component (O)

Name of the business component.


Cardinality (O)

Number of integration components.

Valid values are One, One or More, Zero or More and Zero or One.

External Name (S)

The name of the structure that is recognizable to the external application.


External Sequence (O)

Specifies the order in which integration components are processed.

Integer value.

Name (R)

The name of the integration component.


Parent Integration Component (O)

The name of this component's parent integration component, if any.

Only one active integration component within an integration object can be the root component.

If this component is the root component, this should be left blank.

XML Container Element (O)

XML Tag used to enclose elements that represent this integration component.


XML Sequence (O)

Specifies the order in which integration components are presented in an XML document.

Integer value.

XML Tag (O)

The XML tag name that is generated for this component when the component is converted into an XML document.


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