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Holds some information specific to list applets. For a list applet, there must be one and only one list object definition. If the applet is not a list applet, there should be no list object definitions.

Valid Values/Examples

Alpha Tab Search Field (O)(H)

Name of the alpha tab search field. The field specified is the field in the business component for the applet that the alpha search should be applied to.

If specified, causes the list applet to have an alphabet tab search bar.


Alpha Tab Search Field - Language Override (O)(H)

Provides the ability to change the alpha tab search field property when a particular language/locale is active.


HTML Hierarchy Bitmap (O)

Name of the HTML hierarchy bitmap.

For more information, read HTML Hierarchy Bitmap.


HTML Multi Row Edit (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

Used by the Siebel Web Engine.

TRUE — While in the Edit List mode of the applet, you can edit multiple rows without saving each row.

FALSE — Each row needs to be saved to the database before editing another row. FALSE is the default.

HTML Multi Row Select (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

Used by the Siebel Web Engine.

TRUE — Supports marking multiple rows in the applet for invoking a method on.

FALSE — Methods get invoked only on one row (the currently active one). FALSE is the default.

Name (R)

Specifies the name within the applet.

Should be List.

Total Displayed (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

For the Siebel application to display the total when Total Displayed is TRUE, it must scan the entire data set each time the user navigates to or refreshes the view. This can adversely affect performance.

TRUE — Causes the display of running totals immediately upon entry into the applet.

FALSE — Causes the totals to be calculated but not displayed (and are therefore available for manipulation by a script or other calculated fields).

Total Required (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

This property is relevant only if the applet is a list applet.

TRUE — Sums and displays those columns whose Total Required property is TRUE at the bottom of the list.

Variable Row Height (O)(H)

A TRUE or FALSE value that, if TRUE, indicates that the list applet supports variable row heights (for example, Notes).

By default, a variable row displays the first three lines. For the first three lines to appear completely, the Text Lines Per Note Row setting in the List tab in the Options window in Siebel applications needs to be set to 3 on client workstations.

TRUE — Indicates that the list applet supports variable row heights (for example, Notes).

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