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UpdOnlyIfNull for a Copy Pickmap

Marks a copy pick map to perform the copy operation only if the values of the fields specified in the pick map UpdOnlyIfNull are null. For more information, read Pick Map.

UpdOnlyIfNull for a Constraint Pickmap

Acts as a copy pickmap if the value of the constraining field is null and the values of the fields specified in the constraint pick UpdOnlyIfNull are null. To disable the constraint when the constraining field value is null, use a calculated field as the field for the constraint pickmap.

Valid Values/Examples

Field (R)

The field in the parent business component to check for the null condition before performing the copy operation specified by the parent pick map.


Constrain By

Each pick map object definition has a child object definition of type Pick Map UpdOnlyIfNull. If you add one of these child object definitions to whichever pick map constrains the picklist, then Siebel applications ignore the constraint if the constraining value is NULL. You might still have a non-NULL picklist field that still returns no records, but this prevents you from seeing no records when the picklist field is NULL.

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