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Web templates to which an applet is associated. This object has child objects—Applet Web Template Items—that define the mappings between controls or list columns in the applet, and placeholder tags (identified by IDs) in the template file.

Identifies external HTML (or other markup language) files that define the layout and Siebel Web Engine interactions for an applet.

Valid Values/Examples

Expression (O)(H)

Not used.


Name (R)

The name of this Applet Web Template association.


Sequence (O)

(Edit templates only) Used when users have multiple Edit pages—in this case each one is identified by this sequence number.

Used by the Siebel Web Engine.

Integer value. The starting/default value for Web template sequence is 0. If more than one template exists with the same type, then use sequence 0, 1, 2...

Type (R)

Mode for which this Applet Web Template is to be used.

Used by the Siebel Web Engine.

Base — Renders the applet in standard read-only mode.

Edit — Used when the user invokes the EditRecord method. Modifies existing data in a record.

Edit List — Can be used instead of the BASE mode for list applets. Renders a list applet in a mode where the selected row or column is editable.

New — Used when the user invokes the NewRecord method. Enters data into new records.

Query — Used when the user invokes the NewQuery method. Shows the fields to be searched.

Web Template (R)

The Web template to be used to show the applet in the corresponding mode.

Used by the Siebel Web Engine.


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