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Search Engine Field (H)

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Specifies the individual fields within a search table.

Valid Values/Examples

Column (R)

The vendor-specific name of the physical column in the search index.


Display Format (O)

The format mask to apply to the data.


Display Name (R)

The name to display in the user interface.


Name (R)

The logical name of the field.


Scaling Factor (O)

The multiplication factor for numeric columns.


Sequence (R)

The order of columns.

Integer value.

Text Alignment (O)

The alignment of the text in the column.


Text Length (R)

The amount of storage (bytes) allocated to a field.


Type (R)

A picklist with valid values displayed.


Use In Search (O)

A value that indicates if this column is to participate in a search.


Visible (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

TRUE — Displays the field.

Width (R)

The width in pixels of the display column.


Field Types

Two field types are mandatory for all search tables: Internal ID and FQ File Name. Two more field types are required for database search tables: Source and Row ID. The seven available field types are as follows:

  • External File. The actual content of the document.
  • FQ File Name. The fully qualified filename of the document.
  • File/Summary. Relevant information about the filename and/or the summary.
  • Internal ID. An internally generated ID.
  • Row ID. The database row ID of this row.
  • Source. The source (table) of the data.
  • Summary. The summary of the indexed row.
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