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Identifies and defines a field of the business component that is to be indexed separately as a filter field.

Valid Values/Examples

Column Name (R)

The name of the physical column in the search index, which varies with the vendor of your database software.


Data Type (O)

Specifies the data type of the column.

Valid values are Varchar and Character.

Field Type (O)

Specifies the field type of the column.

Valid values are Constraint and Key.

Index Mode (O)

Specifies the index mode of the column.

The index mode specifies the type of indexing that is applied on the values in this field.

Valid values are Literal, None, and Normal.

Name (also referred to as Business Component Field) (R)

The active fields of the business component that is associated with the parent Search Index object.


Sequence (R)

The order in which columns appear.

Integer value.

Text Length (O)

The amount of storage, in bytes, allocated to a field.


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