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Defines an accelerator key sequence for each browser platform for a menu item that uses this command.

Valid Values/Examples

Browser Platform (O)

User Agent.

User agents are typically versions of browsers, such as Internet Explorer 5.0, Internet Explorer 5.5, and Netscape 6.0.

All — Applies to all versions of a particular browser.

Basic — Defines the capabilities of a major version of a particular browser.

Extended — Defines the extended capabilities of the various minor versions of the same browser.

Display Name (O)

The series of keyboard strokes making up a shortcut and how it appears on a menu.

Example: CTRL+N.

Key Sequence (O)

The series of keyboard strokes making up a shortcut.

Read Accelerator Creation.

Key Sequence - Language Override (O)

Specifies the language code used for the current key sequence. This may be overridden with an Accelerator Locale child object.


Name (R)

The name of the accelerator.

Example: New record.

See Also

Accelerator Locale

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