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Encapsulates a piece of text that can appear anywhere on the Siebel user interface. Any Siebel Object that has a translatable string property (such as the caption of a Control object) can obtain a desired string display value by establishing a reference to the appropriate Symbolic String object through its "String Reference" property (for example, "Caption - String Reference"). The actual string content for a Symbolic String is stored in one or more child Symbolic String Locale objects, each of which represents the value of the string in a different language. For example, the Symbolic String named 'SBL_ACCOUNTS-0910145428-0HN' might have two Symbolic String Locale children, one containing the display value for English ('Account') and one for German ('Kunde').

Valid Values/Examples

Approved (O)

For Oracle use only.


Current String Value

Calculated field indicating what the actual display value exposed to the UI would be if a compile were performed using the active Siebel Tools language mode and the corresponding compiled SRF file used.

The calculated value displayed in this field is the 'String Value' attribute of the corresponding Symbolic String Locale child object instance for the active Siebel Tools language mode. For example, if the selected Symbolic String is 'SBL_ACCOUNTS-0910145428-0HN' and the Tools language mode is set to German, then 'Kunde' (and not 'Accounts') is displayed in this field in Tools. Switching the Tools language mode to English changes the calculated value to 'Accounts'.

Although this property is a calculated field, it is editable. Modifying this value modifies the String Value property of the Symbolic String Locale whose language corresponds to the active Tools language mode.

Accounts, Kunde (the German translation for the word 'Accounts')

Definition (O)

Text definition of the Symbolic String.

State: U.S. (or other country) sub-national geographic entity

Glossary (O)

For Oracle use only.


Name (R)

The name of the Symbolic String. All references to the Symbolic String are made using this name, which must be unique among Symbolic Strings. The names of all Symbolic Strings delivered with the Siebel application begin with "SBL_" and contain an uppercase version of the ENU string value for the Symbolic String. For example, the ENU value for the Symbolic String named "SBL_ACCOUNTS-0910145428-0HN" is "Accounts".


Type (O)

A text field that can be used as desired to categorize Symbolic Strings into groups or families. All Symbolic Strings delivered with the Siebel application were produced through an internal conversion process, and as such are marked with the type "Conversion".

"Conversion", "Private"

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