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Workflow Policy Column (H)

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Identifies a column to monitor from the Siebel database or extension columns. Also specifies what is used for that column's picklist. Workflow Policy Column object definitions can be used by one or more workflow object definitions.

Valid Values/Examples

Applet (O)

The pick applet used to display the picklist.


Column Name (R)

The name of the column. This is a column from the picklist of columns from the table specified in the Table Name property.


Name (R)

The name of the condition column.

The name should be meaningful to the policy maker and descriptive of how the column is used.


PickList (O)

The picklist that appears in the Workflow Policy Detail view for this column and is used by the policy maker to select the comparison value of the column.


Source Field (O)

The field in the business component of the picklist that is the source of the comparison value. This is a field name from the picklist specified in the PickList property.


Table Name (R)

The name of the table that contains the column. Chosen from a picklist.


Adding and Changing Workflow Policy Columns

You can add new Workflow Policy Column object definitions, but it is not recommended that you change any of the properties in a predefined workflow policy column. If you need to modify a predefined column, you should add a new column instead.

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