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Workflow Policy Program (H)

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Provides the name and type of a workflow policy program or action that can be initiated in response to the conditions of policies being met. The names of the defined Workflow Policy Program object definitions appear in the drop-down list of the Actions Applet field in the Workflow Policy Detail view. There are four types of responses available: Send Email, Send Page, Run External Program, and Database Operation. There are also predefined workflow policy programs that have all the variables set except for the message text.

Valid Values/Examples

Name (R)

The descriptive name of the action to perform.


Type (R)

The type of action.

Values are selected from a drop-down list, and are:

  • DB Operation — Insert or update a database table based on arguments.
  • External Program — Execute an external program in Windows.
  • Generic Request Server — Invoke a Server Component.
  • Send Broadcast Message — Broadcast a message to users.
  • Send Message — Compose and send an automatic email message.
  • Send Page — Send a page to a pager.

Workflow Object (O)

The name of the workflow policy object with which the workflow policy program is associated.


Variables in Messages

Variables can be used in the messages to make the content more specific. For example, a message can state "The [SR] from [Account] has a severity level [Value] and has been open for 2 hours." Using an SQL statement, you can fill in each of the variables with specific data to make the message more meaningful. This method also allows you to use the same message for more than one policy.

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