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Workflow process is a executable version of an organization's business process. Use it to define your company's business processes using a familiar flowcharting interface. A workflow process consists of one or more process steps such as start steps, subprocesses, decision points, and tasks.

Valid Values/Examples

Auto Persist

Flag that indicates if the workflow instance information should be saved to the database.


Business Object

The name of the associated business object.

Optional. This value is chosen from a drop-down list of business objects. Only business objects with a defined primary component appear in this drop-down list.


A text narrative describing the purpose of the process.


Error Process Name

The name of the error process to run when this process encounters an error.

Optional. This value is selected from a drop-down list of workflow processes.


The name of the associated group for the business process.

Optional. Chosen from a drop-down list. Use this value to segregate business processes by group. You cannot type a value for the group. The value must be chosen from the drop-down list or left null.

Groups for business processes are defined in the List of Values view in Application Administration.


Information not available.


Process Name

Descriptive name that describes the process text.



The current status of the process.

Read-only. The default status is Inactive.


The version number of this process definition.

Read-only. The default version is 0.

Workflow Mode

A set of modes that defines the runtime behavior of a workflow.


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