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Assignment criteria attributes make it possible for an Assignment Criteria object to consist of multiple attributes.

Valid Values/Examples

Assignment Attribute (R)

The name of the assignment attribute that this assignment criteria attribute is based on.

Selected from a picklist.

Display Name (R)

The list column label that appears for this assignment criteria attribute in the Values list applet.

If omitted, Name is used in the list column label.

Display Sequence (R)

The order in which the list column for this assignment criteria attribute appears in the list applet relative to other assignment criteria attributes in the assignment item.

A lower number places the list column farther to the left.


Display Sequence - Language Override

The list columns in the list applet can be ordered differently in different languages.


Name (R)

Name of the assignment criteria attribute, for identification.

Must be unique within the parent assignment criteria.

Pick Applet (O)

The name of a pick applet to display the picklist for selection of a value in the assignment attribute's list column, if a picklist is defined.


Store Column (R)

The column in the assignment factor items table (S_ASGN_RULE_ITEM) in which to store the value for the assignment criteria attribute.

There are four columns of each data type (Number and Varchar) provided for storage of assignment criteria attribute values in each assignment criteria.

The data type may be determined from the Data Type property in the referenced assignment attribute object definition.

A unique value, between 1 and 4, for each assignment criteria attribute of the same data type.

Check In Before Use

The projects used for creating new assignment criteria attributes must be checked back into the server before using the assignment criteria attributes. It is not sufficient to compile the object definitions and distribute the resulting SRF file.

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