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Adds (or suppresses) a menu item on applet-level menus for all Siebel Web Engine applets of the specified applet class and its subclasses.

CAUTION:  Do not modify this object type. Any modification can adversely affect performance and operation.


Command (S)

Name of the Command object type that provides the method and target for the menu item.

Menu Text (S)

The text displayed in the menu item.

Name (S)

Integer value that contains the same information as the position property.

Position (S)

The sequence of the menu item in the single-level list of menu items. Integer value.

Suppress Menu Item (S)

A TRUE or FALSE value. Default is FALSE. If TRUE, causes the applet-level menu items of the specified name to be removed from the applet-level menu in all applets derived from this class and its subclasses.

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