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A user property that can be set on Siebel repository objects that are based on this class.

Valid Values/Examples

Comments (O)

General comments about the user property that are not part of the functional or technical description of it.


Description (O)

A description of the behavior of the user property. This description appears in the pick list where the user property is invoked so the user can quickly understand the usage and implications of the user property.

For example, in the All Mode Sort user property: "Standard Siebel application behavior is to override the sort specification on views with certain visibility types to force it to ORDER BY the standard user key. The All Mode Sort user property determines whether or not the Siebel application overrides the sort specification and, if so, determines the sort (if any) that is applied to the business component for the affected views."

Name (R)

The name of the user property. This is the name used by the class's C++ code when retrieving the value of the user property. It is also the name that appears in the user property pick list under various objects in Siebel Tools (for example, Business Component > Business Component User Prop.

Example: All Mode Sort.

Type (R)

The Siebel repository object type to which this user property applies.

Business Component, Business Service, Applet

Value Type (O)

The type of the value entered in this user property, if applicable. If the user property holds plain text this property may be left blank.

Field, Link, Business Service

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For information about user properties, read Siebel Developer's Reference.

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