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Specifies a class of content for Content Center. Content Objects define the structure (fields and attachments) of content transferred from a staging environment to a production environment when published in Content Center.

Valid Values/Examples

Business Object (O)

Name of the business object.

Any business object with a primary business component.

Integration Object (O)

Name of the integration object.

Any EAI object that is created out of the business object.

Name (R)

Name of the content object.


Pick Applet (O)

Name of the pick applet that should be used for selecting the content data for a content item.

Any pick applet that has its business component matching the primary business component of the business object.

Pick List (O)

Name of the pick list for the pick applet.

Any pick list that has its business component matching the pick applet business component.

Sequence (O)

When publishing a content project comprising content items of different content objects, the content items of content objects with lower sequence number is published prior to those with higher sequence number.

Integer value.

Source Field (O)

The field from the pick list that would be picked and filled into the content item reference ID.

Always use the value Id.

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