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Represents rules or groups of rules for synchronizing the records of member tables to remote users.

Relates to information access. For more information, read Siebel Developer's Reference.

CAUTION:  Do not modify this object type. Any modification can adversely affect performance and operation.


Active (S)

A TRUE or FALSE value. If TRUE, the dock object is active in the application.

Dock Code (S)

Code used for the dock object.

Name (S)

Abbreviated name of the primary table.

Primary Table Name (S)

The name of the driving table.

All of the tables identified in dock object tables for a given dock object are related, through foreign keys in the data model, to one driving table.

User Name (S)

The full name of the dock object.

Visibility Level (S)

Specifies at a high level whether all records are to be transferred for a corresponding set of tables, or only a limited set.

Write DB cache (S)

A TRUE or FALSE value. If TRUE, the dock object writes explicitly to the S_DOCK_INST table.

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