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Dynamic Candidate Component (H)

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A list of joins from the assignment object to the candidate table.

Valid Values/Examples

Additional Join Spec

Use this property to specify an additional join.


Candidate Id Column

The column in the Team table containing the Id of the candidate (employee, position, or organization).


Candidate Table

The name of the source table at the last level of a join.

If candidate table is indicated, then Candidate Id Column property is required.

NOTE:  Before version 7.8, this property was called Team Table.



Indicates where the join begins and is the primary table for the join. Typically, the primary is the table that the assignment object is stored in. For example, consider an account-contact-position dynamic candidate that has the S_ORG_EXT record marked as the primary. In this instance, Assignment Manager determines S_ORG_EXT is the first table in the join.

If primary is not indicated, then Target Column Name and Target Component Name properties are required.


Score Column

The column in the Team table containing scores of the candidates.


Source Column Name (R)

The column in the source table that relates to another dynamic candidate component.


Source Table Name (R)

The table that the dynamic candidate component is based on.


Target Column Name

The column in the target component that relates to the column in the source column of the source table for this record. When the sql code is generated, the following occurs: inner join source table on source table.source column = (source table from target component).target column.


Target Component Name

The target dynamic candidate component that joins to the source table in this dynamic candidate component.


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