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GetActiveOrder Method

Finds the current active order with input account Id, compound Product Number and Price List Id. If it can find a match, it returns this order. If cannot find a match, it creates new order, sets it as the active order, and returns this order.


ErrCode GetActiveOrder(const CCFPropertySet& inputArgs,CCFPropertySet& outputArgs)


const CCFPropertySet& inputArgs


String: Account Id (optional)

String: Compound Product Number (Optional)

String: Price List Id (Optional)

CCFPropertySet& outputArgs


Hierarchy :SiebelMessage(Integration object PDS Quote)

Example of Input Arguments

CCFPropertySet@0012D370 p#4 c#0 type="" vt=0 value=""


p["Account Id"] = "";

p["ProcessName"] = "SIS OM Active Order Sub-Process";

p["Compound Product Number"] = "";

p["Price List Id"] = "";


Example of Output Arguments

CCFPropertySet@0012DA78 p#0 c#1 type="" vt=0 value=""


c[0] CCFPropertySet@0A98A6A8 p#4 c#1 type="SiebelMessage" vt=0 value=""


p["MessageId"] = "42-1DFE";

p["IntObjectName"] = "PDS Order";

p["MessageType"] = "Integration Object";

p["IntObjectFormat"] = "Siebel Hierarchical";

c[0] CCFPropertySet@0A9CD9C0 p#0 c#1 type="ListOfPDS Order" vt=0 value=""


c[0] CCFPropertySet@0A97E488 p#17 c#1 type="Header" vt=0 value=""


p["Account Location"] = "";

p["Revision"] = "1";

p["Id"] = "42-50SNB";

p["Status"] = "Pending";

p["Account Id"] = "";

p["Order Type"] = "Sales Order";

p["Conflict Id"] = "0";

p["Currency Code"] = "USD";

p["Contact Id"] = "";

p["Account"] = "";

p["Discount"] = "";

p["Updated"] = "02/11/2005 14:06:32";

p["Integration Id"] = "";

p["Order Number"] = "146-8435207";

p["Opty Id"] = "";

p["Created"] = "02/11/2005 14:06:32";

p["Price List Id"] = "";

c[0] CCFPropertySet@0A9F7E98 p#0 c#0 type="ListOfLine Item" vt=0 value=""





Error Conditions


This method calls the help method described in GetActiveQuote Method.

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