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Converting Quotes to Orders Using Asset-Based Ordering

After a customer agrees to the details of a quote, the employee end user follows the procedure below to convert a quote into an order.

NOTE:  The following procedure shows how to convert quotes to orders for an asset owned by an account. It is not applicable to contact-based ABO, where the user creates orders directly rather than creating quotes and converting them to orders.

To convert a quote to an order

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, then the Accounts List view.
  2. In the Accounts list, click the name of the appropriate account.
  3. Click the Account Summary view tab.
  4. In the Quotes list, drill down on the desired Quote Number.

    The Quote form appears, displaying details of the quote.

  5. Click the Orders view tab.
  6. In the Orders list, click Sales Order.

    The quote is converted to an order and appears in the Orders list.

The following Business Component fields are transferred from the quote to the order when the user click Sales Order. Some of these fields are not exposed in the UI:

  • To Order. Account Id, Discount, Discount Amount, Discount Amount MRC, Discount Reason, Contact Id, Currency Code, Price List Id, Order Type, Quote Id, Agreement Id.
  • To Order Item. Base Price, Asset Id, Service Id, Discount Amount, Discount Amount MRC, Discount Percent, Discount Percent MRC, Discount Source, Volume Discount Id, Volume Discount Item Id, Unit Price, MRC CxTotal, NRC CxTotal, Due Date, Agreement Id, Quantity Requested, Product Id, Action Code, List Price, Asset Integration Id.
  • To Order Item Attribute. Name, Required, Sequence, Unit of Measure, Validation, Description, Action Code, Data Type, Value, Attribute Id, Display Name, Hidden, LOV Type, Read Only.
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