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About Products and Assets

The following concepts related to products and assets are important in asset-based ordering.

Service Products

A service product is a product that is not a physical product, although it is often associated with one. For example, a service that is delivered over time, such as telephone or electrical service, is considered a service product. A service product may have physical components. For instance, a residential electric service would include a meter. A product becomes a service product if it is marked as one in the product record.

Integration ID

An integration ID is a unique identifier that is assigned to each trackable asset when it becomes a line item in a quote or an order.

The field is called Asset Integration Id in Order Line Items and Quote Line Items, but Integration Id in Assets.

NOTE:  It is important that this field not be used for other purposes, as this may affect the functions of the Order Line Items, Quote Line Items, and Assets.

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