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About Product Recommendations

Product recommendations allow a marketing administrator to define up-sell and cross-sell recommendations for a product. The marketing administrator enters the text of the recommendation message and a score indicating how important this recommendation is compared with other recommendations for the product.

When a sales representative uses the product catalog to add a product to a quote or order, the Messages list displays the recommendations for this product in order of their score.

The sales representative can click the Accept button in the Messages list to accept a recommendation, automatically adding the recommended product to the quote or order. The sales representative can click the Reject button to reject a recommendation, removing the recommended product from the Messages list.

If an upsell recommendation is rejected, it will not be shown again to the same account or contact. If a cross-sell recommendation is rejected, it will not be shown again in the same quote or order, but it will be shown again if the same account or contact creates a new quote or order for the product. The administrator can change this behavior.

The recommendations list can be displayed in two ways:

  • Messages list is displayed in the product catalog.
  • A button is displayed in the Line Items list applet to indicate whether messages are available. The user clicks this button to display a pop-up Messages list.

In addition to displaying product recommendations that have been defined, the Messages list also automatically displays a recommendation for every product promotion that the customer is eligible for. This only applies to product promotions, which are defined in the Administration - Product screen, Product Promotions view, and not to other types of promotions. For more information about product promotions, see Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.

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