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Oracle Fleet Management

Oracle Fleet Management is used to manage a fleet that provides transportation services, such as a fleet of tractors, trailers, and their drivers. It is used to:

  • Manage the individual assets.
  • Plan the use of the fleet of assets.
  • Take orders for the use of the assets
  • Dispatch the assets.
  • Monitor and track the assets in real time.
  • Settle the costs associated with the fleet.
  • Manage human resources (drivers) for the fleet.
  • Manage the life cycle of the assets.

Oracle Fleet Management involves integration of the following applications:

  • Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Order quote and capture
  • Oracle Transportation Management. Fleet planning and execution, and driver management
  • Enterprise Business Suite Asset Lifecycle Management. Asset definition, management and maintenance
  • Enterprise Business Suite Human Resources. Driver human resources, such as scheduling and pay
  • Enterprise Business Suite Financials. Settlement, accruals, and financial management
  • Application Integration Architecture. Integration using Process Integration Packs

NOTE:  It is possible to integrate with other applications instead of with these Oracle applications. For example, you might have a legacy, transportation-management application that you integrate with instead of Oracle Transportation Management. If you have integrated with another transportation-management application, whenever this document mentions Oracle Transportation Management, use this other application instead.

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