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Canceling the Order

You can cancel any order that has already been sent to Oracle Transportation Management for execution, as long as the order has not been billed and completed. The order might be partially fulfilled, or fulfillment might not have begun.

To cancel an order, you must:

  • Click Revise to revise the order.
  • Select a cancel reason
  • Click Cancel to set the status of the order to Cancelled and cancel the appropriate line items and stops.
  • Click Submit to submit the order.

When you click Cancel, any line item or stop in the order that is not complete is updated with the status of Cancelled, and Oracle Transportation Management cancels the instructions to pick up or deliver at these stops. Line items or stops that already have the status of Complete are not updated with the status of Cancelled.

After an order is cancelled, none of its versions can be revised. For example:

  1. Order 12345 Revision 1 is Active.
  2. The user revises Order 12345 and then rejects the revision. Order 12345 Revision 2 is Inactive with the status Rejected. Order 12345 can be revised, and the changes apply to Revision 1.
  3. The user revises Order 12345 and cancels the order. Order 12345, Revision 3 is Inactive with the status Cancelled. Order 12345 cannot be revised; none of the revisions can be changed.

Oracle Transportation Management might charge the customer cancellation fees for any parts of the order that were completed before cancellation. The cancellation fee is set up in Oracle Transportation Management, and not in the Siebel Business application.

If the customer wants to add any accessorial or special service products for the order to be cancelled, these products must be added before cancelling the order, because an order cannot be revised after being cancelled. First, revise the order to add the accessorial or special service products, if necessary, see Revising Fleet Management Orders, and then cancel the order.

To cancel the order

  1. Navigate to the Fleet Management screen, then List view.
  2. Either select the order that you want in the Orders list, or drill-down on the Order number field of the order.
  3. Click Revise.
  4. Select a value in the Reject/Cancel Reason Code field.
  5. Click Cancel.
  6. Click Submit.

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