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Set Field Value Method

It is used optionally to configure conditions so that updates are only run on the subset of items in the hierarchy that satisfy the conditions.


Field Name

[in] Name of the field to be changed. (Required)


[in] Product instance. (Required)


[in] Literal. (Required)


[in] Comma separated list of integration component field names. (Optional)


[in] Comma separated list of values. Standard Siebel expressions (such as LookupValue) are supported. (Optional)

Generate new Id

[In] Y/N flag indicating whether to generate a new Row Id for each item.


[out] Updated product instance. (Required)


New field values.


As input, this method receives one property set containing a complex object and two strings representing a field name and field value. The method goes through the line items hierarchy of the comp[lex object wrapped by the property set, and for each item that satisfies the optional conditions, locates the named field of each line item, and sets it to the value provided.

See Also

Methods Set Action Method, Set Multiple Field Values Method, and the following workflows in Siebel Order Management Guide: SIS OM Move Process, SIS OM Edit Complex Asset Workflow, SIS OM Disconnect Asset Sub-process, SIS OM Suspend / Resume Asset Sub-process.

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