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Performance Tuning for DTU

You can improve performance of DTU by using the following tips:

  • "When the operation is insert, and you are sure no duplicate records would be created in the process, do not check Key flags. This means that DTU does not need to query the database to identify duplicates.
  • Use /BatchMode in the Option argument whenever possible.
  • Use Cached Updates whenever possible.
  • For bounded picklist fields, MVG primary ID, and MVG source ID fields, skip field validation whenever possible. Note that skipping the bounded picklist validation would also skip setting fields of the pick map.
  • When a reference to the active instance buscomp is passed to DTU, it is a delicate balance to decide whether or not to launch the DTU with a new instance of the source buscomp or re-use the current active instance. By using the active instance, you avoid using CPU and memory for the new business object. On the other hand, when DTU works off the active instance, it has to restore the buscomp context to its original state, causing refreshing and looping of buscomps. When a large number of buscomps or buscomp records are involved , this can be expensive. This is why we use the NewSrcBusObj option in the "Auto Order Web Service" example we give below.
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