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CheckCommitmentCompliance Method

The CheckCommitmentCompliance method allows the user to verify commitment compliance on all records in the current document. This method is invoked in the Verify Promotion workflow process. This method returns a property set of promotions that have violated an active agreement.


Active Document Type

[in] The type of document that is currently active, for example, Quote or Order.

Advance To

[in] Date for which the penalty amount is calculated.

Buscomp Name

[in] Name of the business component.

Buscomp Additional SearchSpec

[in] Additional search specification that may be applied to the business component.

Sort Specification

[in] Sort specification for the business component.

Promotions Violated Flag

[out] A flag (Y or N) to indicate whether there are any promotions that violate an active agreement. "Y" indicates existence of promotions violating active agreements after filtering on the current document is done. "N" indicates absence of promotions violating any active agreements.

Violated Promotions

[out] List of promotion violations, if Promotions Violated flag is 'Y'.

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