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Invoking Signals from Controls and Custom Script

Siebel order management business components route unrecognized InvokeMethod calls to the Context Service business service's RaiseSignal method. All business components of class CSSBCOrderMgmtBase, CSSBCPecBase, and their subclasses, support this routing.

You can invoke signals from controls, such as buttons. You can also invoke signals from a script.

To invoke a signal from a button

  1. In Siebel Tools, navigate to Applet > Control.
  2. Query for the desired applet and control.
  3. Set the MethodInvoked property of the control to the signal name.
  4. Compile a new SRF.

To invoke a signal from a script

  1. Access the Siebel Script Editor in Siebel Tools by selecting the affected object in the Object Explorer.
  2. Right-click the object, and choose Edit Scripts.
  3. Modify the script to execute the InvokeMethod method on the appropriate C/OM business component, passing the signal name as the MethodName input argument.

    For example:

    pQuoteBC.InvokeMethod("Calculate Tax");

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